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Friday, February 01, 2008

The Iftikhar Day Celebrated

The lawyers and Bar Associations across the country celebrated the Iftikhar Day on January 31, 2008. Mr. Justice Khwaja Muhammad Sharif honoured our District Bar Khushab with a visit at the oath taking ceremony of the office-bearers. In his address he mentioned how he had been was advised by the government official to take the oath under PCO and enjoy the benefits. The best part of his address was where he said that your post, no matter how esteemed it be, is the cause of hatred and disrespect, it is worth nothing and so he refused to take the oath under PCO. Remember that Mr. Justice Khwaja Sharif would have been the Chief Justice of the High Court Lahore by now had he taken the PCO oath. Indeed, he has sacrificed a lot for the movement for the restoration of Justice Iftikhar and the independence of judiciary. Lets hope that his sacrifice and the like do not go wasted.