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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Storing the Nukes

The purpose of my recent expedition to the Soun valley was more than just roaming the mountains on my bike or aimlessly hiking the mountains. The idea was to visit a historical place near Sodhi that some time ago I had heard about. Somewhere in the mountains there are remains from old Buddhist temples from the B.C. times. A friend accompanied me for the journey. On reaching Sodhi we discovered fencing by the side of the road; the whole area had been blocked. On our query a local person told that the area was under the control of the army and there was no way we could make it to the temples. I had heard about the army having acquired huge area in the mountains on more than one place for storing nuclear warheads. The question is: for what purpose did we get the nuclear technology? At a time when we are confronted with internal threats what good is our nuclear technology? A government that is not responsible enough to take care of the general needs of its public, can it protect its nukes? Why do we need to amass our nukes? Or even if we need to do that then why not store them away from the populated areas? Why the nukes that are meant to protect the citizen should be a peril to their life? Have we forgotten already the Ogri Camp episode? Whatever be the reason of army’s control of the area, it should have been at a place away from the reach of the common man, not only for the protection of the public but also for its own security. But there is least you can expect in a country where one of the two atomic plants is just by the side of the highway, the Grout atomic plant.