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Monday, November 24, 2008

Economic Might

What describes well the trend in the 21st century should be nothing else than the plain words annunciating the fact that Economic might is the real might. We are living in a world where a strong economy alone can ensure our presence on the world map, for this is a world where economy alone runs all the state affairs. Presently, when the world peace itself is under the threats the need for a stronger economy is reinforced. Let’s just admit that the empty pockets cannot win wars in the present age rather a strong economy can very well ensure the survival of a nation- take the example of Japan, the only country which was ravaged by the atom bomb in the year 1945 but today it holds an important place in the list of the strongest nations only on the basis of a strong economy. Today’s world is a global village where the strong or weak economy of a country affects the economy of the neighbouring nations as well.

We are living in a country where economy is in control of the limited few. Over the years, it has happened repeatedly that stock market showed sudden gains as well as rapid declines, only to suit those having vested interests. Khanani and Kalia are now facing music when the damage has already been done. It is highly necessary that they be brought to justice lest they should also flee like the imported prime minister who plundered with the national wealth to fatten his own pockets. Unless we have a strong economy we are not ready to face the challenges that they country is facing right now.


Saif said...
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Saif said...

In 21st century it is fact that Economic might is the real might. Economy of Our country is not so strong but we can survive. Besides this in the Muslim World many countries have strong economy but they are equal to none in the World level politics. I suppose strong economy as well as strong leadership can put a nation on the way of hike. Muslim World has no such leadership. As Russia is also a strong country but its leadership think that Russia cannot be a super power in near future on the other hand India is struggling against China to become a power atleast in Asia.