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Friday, October 31, 2008

Mountain Roaming..

Celebrating the Harley slogan, "The Eagle Flies Alone" I took this ride on Sunday, all unscheduled. The day before I had removed the fairings to dry clan the bike and get sprayed with diesel but as it turned out I was riding instead...so the cleaning is yet to be done.
There was no particular destination, the idea was just to ride so I headed out to the Soun valley mountain range, I also wanted to see how the bike ran on the high terrain.

Below are some pics, hope you like them..

Now I was all aloe on the ride, armed with only my camera so I wanted to do speed corners and go fast on the hills. NOt a good idea, actually, because the rear tyre on my bike is flatter, kind of drag race style so speed cornering can be fatal, however, going fast on the straights is an easy task.

Some more pics taken on the mountains. The weather was all dusty, so the view of far-off landscape is not clear..

It was a total of about 80km trip (both ways) I did on this ride, longest I have done on this bike in one stretch. After some 20 minutes of ride when heat had properly got into all the compartments of the engine, it got as light as you could imagine..Even the engine sound becomes quieter..

A nice view of the road..

A view of the road below:


Zealous said...

I don't like your this attitude. Why you preferred to go all alone, may be there would be some one. ALthough I feel that Doctor was really missing his younger star, Anfield Man.


sapna said...

really it was just too good. Hope you had enjoyed. your blog is very interesting.
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