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Friday, October 31, 2008

US Presidential Election '08

A colloquial proverb goes “Junj praee tey ahmaq nachen”, the same is true of our electronic media’s response to the US Presidential election 2008, refer to the numerous talk shows on every other channel. A prudent mind may question if it would make much difference to us whether Obama wins the election or it is McCain who stands victorious. Let’s just accept the reality- no matter who the hell wins the election, the US is going to have the same strategy for the crisis-struck country called Pakistan. To me, the election is no more than a mere change of the face. Whether the white colour is replaced by the black or the white colour is all that I am concerned about. I can imagine a roaring sound from the White House resounding in our President’s ears saying “Do more” or something similar and perhaps in even a harsh(er) tone, now that they consider it their right to bomb our people (read evil) to ensure global peace. However, whether our Hon’ able President wants to be dictated by the black lips or the pink ones is another thing.