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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Of Honour and the 'Shoed' President

“There is one reason I like Guddoo, the neighbour’s kid. He is so good at aiming when he hits, thanks to his playing Pithoo Garam”, said a friend. At a time when the world economy is facing a fierce decline, the Baydan Shoes Company is enjoying soaring sales for the hot favorite (flying) ‘Model 271’ that ducked the American President. Amazing how a person and a shoe brand could become world-renowned overnight. An unknown journalist called Muntazar al Zeidi did what should have been done (perhaps in a different way) by those I won’t mention. Well, the devil has been paid the due in the past by the names like Hugo Shawez and Gaddafi but those I won’t mention kept quiet in the past and those others still stick to the dictum of ‘Silence is gold’ and ‘Honesty (read obedience) is the best policy.’ Whereas the ‘Flying Shoes’ incident has made it clear what feelings Iraqis have for their saviour, it has also brought home to the world what an associate should respond like to defend the hapless comrade in grave situations. Condoleeza Rice has so vehemently announced that in fifty years time the world would have forgotten the ‘Flying Shoes’ incident but the Iraqis would still remember what (the ducked) Bush did for them by ridding them of Saddam. But that’s about future and future is always so uncertain, isn’t it?
The ‘Flying Shoes’ episode would certainly leave a warning message for the future American Presidents; expect anything from the crowd come flying, something which is actually not meant to fly. Well, I wonder if it might open new horizons for Al-Qaeda, prepare shoes as comfortable to wear as to hit. For someone who aspires to venture a similar prank, I would suggest him to hire Guddoo’s services for a week or spend some time playing ‘Pithoo Garam’ and make history.


Asif said...

YES, It is amazing that how a person and shoe brand become world renowned overnight. It is crystal clear that Muntazar al Zadi showed the feelings of Iraqis. This Flying Shoe Incedent will be written in Golden Words in the histry of Iraqis and in black words in the histry of Americans.
Idea of Pithoo Garam is nice but now it is useless for Iraqis because they have played there turn successfully. Now it is good for the people of West Northern Areas of Pakistan, If one day comes that their own President visit them then they will have an oppertunity.

yaseen ch said...

yes,Bush and Zaidi have great similarities, both are men of haste not wisdom.