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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2008, the Year Gone by..

With today’s sunset came to end the year 2008, another year went by, leaving people across the world looking forward to celebrating the New Year’s night. If only could the sun of miseries set with the setting sun of the year gone by, would I too welcome the New Year. But it’s not so. The sun sets everyday to rise up in the east on the following day with miseries always on the horizon. The sun of miseries doesn’t set. Not in this country where everything has always been at a loss. Our values, moral and cultural have degenerated. People are becoming more and more hypocrite; relations are losing their importance that was there once. Today everyone is more selfish than the Selfish Giant from the story we read in our English book as kids. But that giant was humane, as it turned out at the end of the story. He too had a heart; his eyes also spilled the life blood. But we, today, are worse off. Well, I haven’t seen anything getting better ever since I gained senses. There is this generation, some who don’t care at all others who don’t need to care at all and some few whose caring simply makes no difference. And these few whose caring has never made a difference are confronted with dilemma-thoughts that haunt their minds: what are we going to leave for the future generations? Or are we the last generation that bothered to think, to try drive ourselves out of the whirlpool of misfortune? Do we have a right to expect something good from future? Do we even have a right to exist?
A characterless nation, having moral values and no respect anywhere in the world has no right to celebrate the arrival of the New Year. A nation having no food, no water, no economy, no electricity, no fuel, no law, no infrastructure has no option but to make only one resolution that of realizing their responsibility to their own self at least. Just when our cell-phones are flooded with Happy New Year messages I await the next day’s sun with a heavy heart.


Zealous said...

Impressive One. May be I always believe these type of articles should have been sent to as many people as possible. Anyhow here is my point.

I agree with you completely and I was among those idiots who celebrated the new year eve. Between my purpose was only to have a good party with friends so that we have a good time to remember. But again thanks to WAPDA who gave special gift at 1200 hrs with power breakdown.

I also prayed for the whole scenario for our country. But I think nothing would change at all. We are from a nation that only love to enjoy what's happening like a show, and not realising their duty and believing that all the matters should be solved by themselves.

We are the nation full of idiots in which some believe that leaving the country is the only possible solution while other believe that only possible solution is to just watch and remain silent until you are dead.

The only problem is that we are not realizing our main duties, if we can then all the things would be perfect.

I'll try to but not always because I am part of this society. But it is upto us.

Aristocrat said...