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Thursday, February 05, 2009

Murder in the Woods

Let me enlighten you about the story of a wild forest. Of course, its dwellers were animals of all kinds but they had democracy there so anyone could be the king of the forest. Even though the animals lived like comrades yet their instinct usually took them to fighting and obviously the bell tolled for the weaker.

It once so happened that one of the comrades of a high rank was brutally murdered. Many said they had seen the wild beast from the rebel group who did the ruthless act while others speculated there was something fishy. Fox, the king of the time, was greatly moved by the tragic incident and ordered a probe into the matter. Blood spilled all over the street, the place where the incident took place gave a disastrous look so the king’s men washed away everything in no time.
Time went by and a wolf replaced the fox for the king. Because the wolf was a very close one to the departed comrade he ordered the investigation to be conducted by experts from the United Animals Organization even though it might cost a lot. Whereas there were many contradictions about the wolf’s personality, the way he came into power using crutches and despite the speculations of his own involvement in the comrade’s murder he still insisted on a thorough investigation. A voice came from the community of ducks that always remained in water, “Your old friend had everything washed off in half an hour from the incident, what’s those investigators coming for?” But the wolf, you know, is the king of the forest and lives far away from the river where the ducks have always remained in water.


Anonymous said...

Murder most foul…

Some cliches are very apt like the fable by Mr Malik, which is reminiscent of the Animal Farm, a novella by George Orwell.
Even the man with humble understanding of thing (like me) can decipher that the intention behind this story might be lampooning at the avowed UN-led probe into the assassination of a leader from the South Asia, who arguably was best of the lot that still rules the roost.
The third-body becomes inevitable when the culprits of the deed had been allegedly within the Establishment.

(There is this book called The Ways of the World by an US journalist Ron Suskind wherein he has claimed of having an audio tape containing an implied threat made to Benazir Bhutto by no other than the then President of the God-forsaken Pakistan.
The writer of the book is on record when rebutting Mush’s threat to lodge a libel-suit against the former by saying that he could prove his claim in any court of law).

Then the whole bloody place is washed away so I endorse any third-party probe mainly it could not only bring the men behind the act but also it may put a halt to our guards’ fondness for taking the wheel to drive themselves( a real blessing in disguise).
Secondly we owe whatever money be the cost for this probe. Because if we have to keep the democracy in the land, we must be doing some investments, coz it has never been cheap for any third world country to enjoy one.
If we can bear the funded Umrahhas and Hajjs by our dear ministers and huge money for weapons that are good for nothing, we can afford is too and we will as we always did.
Be large-hearted pal and wait until anything floats to the surface though UN too has a record of performing ‘well’.

Sam, the comrade...

Saif said...

Very good image of democracy in a country known as jungle. In this democracy some time Fox is king and some time wolf but never a true lion.
Fox did his work by washing the bad seen and wolf did by remembering that seen. Only ducks are there to say this all is useless now but no one is ready to hear their voices. Excellent demonstration of a true democracy. Ha ha ha.