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Monday, March 02, 2009

Mobile Courts

WITH Supreme Court’s verdict of Mian bros.’ disqualification and the natural response by the lot, the President is now up to devising methods to create a soft corner among the lawyers’ community in order to minimize the growing rage against him. This is something the ex was pretty brilliant at too though he had to give up ultimately. As the situation is, the President has come up with the idea of Mobile Courts for to provide speedy justice and to quote from an Indian movie I watched some years ago, ‘justice at the spot’. Whether these Mobile Courts can really provide justice to the common lot in a country where the deposed Justice himself seeks justice is not clear yet. However, it is a good opportunity to employ the Jialaas and finally pay them for their services somehow and also attract other opportunists to join the force, not to forget the recent increase in the number of justices of the High Courts.
Our nation has a way of its own at looking things and the people out there seem to have a great sense of punning. When our ex introduced the well-known Enlightened Moderation in order to create a soft image of the country to the ‘developed world’ the nation showing its wit rather declared it Moderate Enlightenment, and now when the current President in order to provide justice to the common man has come up with such a brilliant idea of Mobile Courts, pranksters have started calling it Gashti Courts. Whereas it surely amounts to contempt of the court I wonder what might be the plight of the common man after the introduction of these new courts in our country where corruption is rampant in every other department so let’s have one more and expect that all will be fine.


chutzpah said...
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chutzpah said...

What matters our half-baked-dim-witted president are courts not justice. I think that Mr. ?% is wry of deposed chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry's mobility around the country. Therefore, he has devised another 'intelligent' way of countring this ever-increasing popularity through mobile courts. He had to put this idea across as his chief justice is jammed in the loosely fitting chair of Chief Justice because of his shenanigans.