Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Under Attack

MARCH 3, 2009 would be written among the long list of the darkest days in the history of our country when a foreign cricket team was attacked by terrorists killing members of the escort and injuring six players. Whereas the incident itself is pathetic having no precedent in our country’s history, what makes the situation even more pitiable is how our leaders have responded to the situation in a shameless manner. Incidents like this fall heavy upon governments and are usually followed by resignations of certain officials who having admitted neglect of their duties step down from their post, something which was also witnessed in the neighbouring India in the recent Mumbai attacks. On the contrary, in our country we have leaders with complete absence of sense of responsibility. Whereas the situation demanded his resignation, the wearer of black glasses proved his inability for his post by commenting straightaway that the terrorists were the same as involved in the Mumbai attacks. Someone please tell this man the meanings of responsibility toward the state affairs.
And if this stupidity wasn’t enough it was followed by another one commenting that the terrorists were the Tamil Tigers. Earlier it was America and now it is India that we feel difficult to look into the eyes, have we really degraded to a level when we should feel hesitant in calling out RAW as being responsible for the tragic incident? By naming Tamil Tigers, are we not trying to make new enemies? Why has sanity turned a face to the approach of our leaders? When, if ever, would this nation and its leaders wake up from the eternal slumber?


Saif said...

No doubt MARCH 3, 2009 is the darkest day in the history of our country. It shoewd that how strong our security forces and our leaders are. This incident will have long term side effects on the image of our country. It was the last and only cricket team which was ready to play in Pakistan. This case will also be filed as in the past X-Prime Minister Banazir Bhutto,s case, ordinance factory and D.I.khan sucide attacks. No result will come except the leadership will again tell the nation that our terrorist are dangerous for our country. In the near past Bombay attacks are on the way even they were not finished with out any inquiry Indian leaders said it is done by I.S.I. In our case the whole story is vice vesa. Every leader knows it is revenge of Bombay Attacks by RAW but no one is ready to say. Indirectly they are defending India.


Pakistan was already isolated in the world... the people were already scared of coming to Pakistan... no country is ready to stand by Pakistan. We have destroyed our exports, our industry .... our Chief Justice in search for justice ... there is there is no rule of law here. The people continue to suffer, but there is no one to care for.

But there is a solution ... come out and fight for your rights
come out and fight for the dawn of the nation ... we can do it ... we can make this happen ... we can bring the prosperity for the nation ... we can decide the fate of ourselves.

Hey people come out for the Long March ... March for justice ... March for the dawn ... March for prosperity ... March for the long awaited dawn ... time for staying at home is over ... please give the voice to your feelings.

Anonymous said...

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