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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Blood Sport

THE government of the people, by the people, for the people is out with providing another relief to the suffering lot of the country by allowing Basant to be celebrated, of course as a festival. Even though the lot mostly consists of the people anxious for an old promise to be fulfilled, that of Roti, Kapra aur Makaan, and who may not be able to celebrate it as they used to in antiquity but why ‘the others’ should be deprived if opportunities for recreation? I mean, what recreation is left in this country! Basant should certainly be celebrated even though it might cost a few needless lives who may fall a victim to the sharp string, be crashed under a vehicle as a kite runner or the enthusiasts who fall off the roof. And not to forget that livelihood of several thousands depends on this yearly festival so why deprive them in a situation when shadow of hunger has engulfed what was left of humanity in the hapless country. So the nation should celebrate the festival with great fervor and it would be great if it be celebrated under the patronage of the government considering the terrorist threats. Besides, who knows if any approaching night might also draw curtains for the government so keep providing relief when the opportunity is there.


chutzpah said...

It is like trivializing the grave situation prevalent in the country. For the 'worthy' governor, Jashan-e-Baharan is more important than the Punjab Government. So cold...so cold!

Anonymous said...

No celebration whatsoever can amuse this nation of the wretched and the destitute but again wouldn't it be too cynic and bleak a view point?
We are very slow learners when it comes to nation-building and the sustainability of democracy (though it too is a joke in this country). But why do people after all enjoy an event like Basant when there is a formidable an opposition to it....? again the anarchy comes to take its toll... Long March, Protests, Disqualification(funny but apt word at times), Mid-Term polls or finally when golf(and what-not playing generals are cordially invited to f... with the State's affairs anew... do let them die happy or letting others being happy... cry no more as the Reaper is anxiously waiting to collect the yield of what we've always been sowing...

Just SAM