Monday, March 16, 2009

Aliens Do Exist

YOU’D believe in their existence too, especially after hearing Rehman Malik’s pointless statements that he’s been giving to the media trying to brush aside the shame that the current situation has caused the government. To be specific, Rehman Malik has said repeatedly, in very innocent way at times, that no one is being blocked from going to Islamabad, that the government has not blocked any road whatsoever, that no political leader is being restricted to participate in the Long March, that rather the government is doing every effort to ensure security to the participants of the Long March. Must be true what he says, which strengthens my belief in the existence of aliens in our country. I mean if the government is ensuring a free flow of the Long March then it must be aliens who have put containers on the roads to block them and the selfsame aliens have caused arrest of political activists and have restricted the political leaders and the lawyers’ leadership to reach Islamabad. So now, do we have a new enemy in the form of aliens?

They say that what happens once may not happen twice but what happens twice will surely happen again. We, as a nation, have been caught up in this vicious cycle where the unwanted episodes are repeated time and again. The way the nation got rid of the ex is still fresh in everyone’s mind, that was when some in the present government were on the road too. All the faces on the road today (except the few in the ruling party) are the same as there were in the previous Long March and yet there is a difference, because this time the nation is going to register the unprecedented turnout in its history not only to show that they want restoration of pre November 03, ’07 judiciary but also to bring it home to Rehman Malik who is a victim to the fallacy that the worthy President is very popular among the lot. Things should have a limit. If the historic turnout of people could not open Rehman Malik’s eyes to reality, certain resignations should have. But everyone is a famous one unless sacked.

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