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Monday, February 25, 2008

Election Rigging and The Future of Q league

Q LEAGUE consists of opportunists only and the nation should forget them after a while. As for winning seats, I believe that there must some rigging, be it of technical nature that won them so many seats after all that happened in the previous government. At least, I am sure about the Second Lady, I mean Sumera Malik's victory. Till the Election night and even the next morning there was a mournful silence at her villa (she's just a street away, you know) and all of a sudden there were bullets and crackers being fired. No doubt, her victory was partly on account of the negligence that the polling agents of Omer Aslam showed but still a lot had happened before the ballot boxes reached the Returning Officer. One wonders how a lead of 4000+ votes be covered overnight and changed into a lead of some 800 votes? Amazing!