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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Of Education and Character

You would be astonished as well if you could see scores of people deputed in a small shop busy in tearing the first page out of every book. This was the scene I witnessed in a shop at Urdu Bazaar Lahore, the other day. It didn’t take much time to realize as to what was actually happening there. Change in the government has its repercussions and in this case the message of the (ex) Farzand-e-Punjab was being torn apart from every book that was meant to educate Punjab.
The books, I must mention, were and are still given free of cost under the Parha Likha Punjab scheme. Well, something remains from the policies of the previous government. If I am not wrong, hardly would there be any department where our previous governments did so many experiments as they did on the Education department. Regardless of commenting upon whether the experiments bore any fruit or not I would comment upon the opportunistic mentality that some of our countrymen have. Just so you know, the books under the Parha Likha Punjab scheme were given free of cost, people started abusing the scheme by obtaining a large number of books, much more than required. If you are wondering where the surplus books go, well, they end up with a scrap collector in return of small amount of money (per kg). The more the scrap, the more the money. The practice is quite common now. The thing is, steps should be taken at school level that also build an individual’s character besides just educating them.
Also contributed at The Pakistani Spectator