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Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Cylinder Blast at Grout Atomic Plant

The news is that after the blast of a cylinder, poisonous gas has erupted across the Grout atomic plant, district Khushab. If you didn’t know already, our man on top had inaugurated the KCP4 in the plant in the recent weeks. Who knows, it might have occurred in the same plant. As the situation is, media won’t be allowed access to the area for it is firstly a restricted area and secondly the government has to cover what needs be hidden from the public gaze i.e., the casualties that have occurred there.

Just a coincidence, my father was on his way back from Nurpur Thal when the he was told that the road ahead had been blocked. Residents of the atomic plant and the suburbs were on their way out and informed of serious number of casualties. It cannot be said as to how much area should be declared unsafe. If the casualties are really that high, I doubt that it might just be a cylinder blast. It’s a whole atomic city built in there. God forbid, the situation might get worse.