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Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Lahore Mayhem

Politics is a dirty game. Even worse when it should be done putting at risk the peace and stability of the nation, something that has been happening in our country for quite some time now. Conspiracies are on a rise. There are people from among us who don’t want to see the present government continue peacefully at any cost. Strange that the assembly should be given such a long date for taking the oath when there is no plausible reason for doing so. Looks to me like it was all planned. They started with throwing Justice Rumday’s belongings out of his home; the idea was to flare up the lawyers’ community. Then Arbab Ghulam Raheem was beaten up by PPP activists, what if it was done by the government itself or by the MQM members? What if it’s the government and/or the Chaudharys behind the Sher Afgan incident? The stage and time was so proper to do it_ in the heart of Lahore in the High Court premises just a day before the oath taking ceremony! Another by-plan might have been to create a rift between the lawyers themselves. That worked too, Ali Ahmad Kurd has said that he won’t even come to Lahore Bar and Lahore High Court Bar again. Strange that the Chief Secretary should be unable to handle the situation properly. Ignorant of what the future holds for us, I have doubts if this government can make its way through peacefully.