Sunday, July 20, 2008

Enemy at the Gates

Bertrand Russell, the great philosopher, in his essay ‘The Future of Mankind’ mentioned the possibility of a unification of the world under a single government, possessing a monopoly of all the major weapons of war. Today we can assume that we are heading almost towards the same end. He talks about one world government which should be formed by the United States since equality would uphold unlike in case if the Soviets governed the world.
Russell’s views could have been agreeable and correct about the United States of his time. But today the proceedings show how values change with the passage of time. “Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” Some people live for themselves and the same is true even for some nations, the USA being one of them.
It is amazing how you strive to ensure global peace while going at war with different countries. What a stupid idea! They haven’t done with Iraq yet; they are still hunting for Osama in Afghanistan; they have their eyes on Iran (not to forget their oil) and now they are knocking our doors too_ an ally in war against terrorism. War against terrorism? What a gimmick!
And just when their army begins to line up at our gates, the tribes have vouchsafed to join hands with the army should the situation demand it. I would rather consider it good enough for one to differentiate between friend and foe. Time to wake up form a prolonged slumber.

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