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Monday, July 21, 2008

Frailty, thy name is...

The government recently celebrated its 100 days and much hullabaloo was created by the government itself declaring this period to be very successful. The way it was proclaimed a successful period forces me to quote (yet again) from Goebbels, “the greater the lie the more convincing it would appear.”

Seems like the government under PPP chanting the slogan of Roti Kapra aur Makaan is bent upon eradicating poverty from the country and which it is doing by attempting to eradicate the poor lot itself. And if this doesn’t sound reasonable, the news is that the fuel prices have been increased yet again so let’s be prepared to face another surge in prices of other commodities as well. Interestingly, the news of increasing rate of inflation is usually accompanied by the news of every stabilizing economy of the country.

The much promoted success story tended to present a well painted portrait but the detail of this portrait includes an increase in general unrest, worsening political situation, deteriorating economy, mounting inflation, devaluing currency, and what not. And if this is not enough, hazard from across the border(s) is also apprehended. The (in)famous 100 days thus might have something of success for the government itself but not for its people. Had Shakespeare been alive today, he might have said something like “Frailty, thy name is Pakistani government!”