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Monday, August 18, 2008

Musharraf's Swan Song

SINCE its independence 61 years ago, our nation has erred; it has erred a lot and has continuously been punished as well. We did mistakes that we didn’t learn from; consequently we were gripped by the shackles of evils like dictatorship. Thus, it has mostly been a One Man Show where the poor audience was made to watch a tragi-comedy staged so vehemently. The brief history of our country since independence is replete with untoward incidents; a nation which has not only been under the hazard of foreign aggression but also the violence within was there to obstruct our homeland from making any headway toward progress.
There is no dearth of men of quality in our country but their services have not been able to see the light of the day. Over the years they have either been sent into the oblivion or have simply remained in the background. There is least that you can expect when the cream is refrained from rising to the top and the whole arena has been shadowed by the scum. Time to sift out the scum!
Musharaf’s dictatorial rule, which started with the overthrow of Mian Nawaz’s government, had started from day one. The infamous Referendum and holding of election served as throwing dust into the eyes and it worked too, but for how long? What differentiates Musharraf’s era of reign from all the previous heads of the state is the series of testing situation for the continuation of his government that arose from both within and without and which he faced equally with fortitude and shamelessness in order to prolong his rule.
August 18, 2008 at 0130hrs, when Musharraf sang his swan song he was actually announcing an end to a dark age and a beginning of an entirely new era. His resignation was followed by a wave of extreme excitement across the nook and corner of the country, people congratulating through emails, phone calls and SMS. Interestingly, there was a rapid increase in the stock market as well. Good signs. Musharraf, through his rule, has done catharsis of the nation and it is now up to us to learn from our mistakes. Hopefully, much of the chaos would be gone with the passage of time lets hope it be the end of the dictatorship from our country for good.