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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Ridiculing the Poets

FREE SMS packages as offered by some mobile phone companies have their consequences. Our nation seems to have a great sense of humour and even more is its ability to forward such messages. Messages containing jokes ridiculing Sadar ji and Pathan are now a common place, now a new way of making others laugh has been adopted by sending funny couplets. The sad part, however, is that these couplets include the pseudo name ‘Faraz’ , thus ridiculing the famous poet of the country and cell phones are flooded with such messages. Whereas some couplets seem humorous, others are simply stupid. For instance:
Sufaid kameez mein kyon phir raha hay Faraz
Aj kala jora pa saadi farmaish tay.
There is no problem with tryinh to make others laugh by sending SMS but doing so on account of another person’s denigration is shameless act. Is this how we pay tribute to our asset on the death-bed?


Zealous said...

We are from a nation that never care about their great personalities. This was only a single joke although I also came to experience in which this was mentioned.....

Aor ab ap ke bharpoor farmaesh per ab Faraz ke bad Perveen.

May be they are looking for future.