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Friday, August 21, 2009


IT has been sixty two years since we won freedom from the British rule but ever since that time we have remained caught up in the whirlpool of crisis. Only recently, the country went though the wheat crisis which mainly occurred because of the wrong policies of the government coupled with the attitude of those who would create fake shortage of the product in the time of need only for the sake of money.
In our country when one catastrophe is over it is followed by several others of the similar kind. When the whole world was having a sigh of relief on account of the rapid fall in fuel prices we experienced standing in long queues only for one liter of petrol, which too was available at a higher price.
It’s a tough weather, the summer, and it is getting intense every year. To add more to misery is the power shortage problem. When the hot season was in its full swing the government tried to solace the public by saying that the power shortage problem would be completely dealt with by December this year. Pardon me, for I have a weak memory, but I remember similar promises were made last year but forgotten completely with the rising of the summer sun. Bloody summer!
Now sugar has got scarce. Anyone who succeeds in getting two kilos of sugar passes through the market victoriously as did Alexander the great on his conquests, and the admiring looks he gets make him believe he is living in utopia, even though he knows what it would be like when these two kilos have been consumed. Even though, the shortage of sugar is fake one I wonder if it would be completely over before the hole month of Ramzan is over.
It’s a cruel country, not for the plunderers but for the oppressed and down trodden common lot, where they keep burning in the inferno of deprivation. And there is no accountability for the plunderers whose atrocities go unchecked. One may wonder if a man like Zardari for president is anything less than a misery. Unless you strive with serious efforts there is no hope because everything caught up in the whirlpool will only find its way down into the sea.


Ifrah said...

nice effort. thats the reason i like musharraf because at that time conditions were little bit better as compared to present

Sniper said...

Perhaps you settled for the lesser evil. For this man now has a hundred Musharrafs in his belly.