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Friday, December 04, 2009

Want Peace?

“Ek kunwain may ek kutta gir gya, kuch log is kunwain kay pani ko pak krne k lye Molvi k pas gaye. Molvi ne kaha k 200 balti nikalo, kunwa pak ho jae ga. Mugr kuch din baad pani se smell aane lagi. Log dosray Molvi k pad gaye. Os ne kaha 400 balti pani nikalo to kunwa pak ho jae ga magr pani phir bi pak na hoa balke pani se smell ane lagi. Phir logo ne aik aur Molvi se rabta kya. Os ne pocha, |kunwain may se kutta nikala?” Logo ne kaha “Nahi” to Molvi ne kaha ke pehlay kutta bahar nikalo phir pani pak ho ga.
Moral: Dear Pakistanis! Hamay pehlay kutta nikalna ho ga.

This is the sms of the day that I received on my cell. When I read this sms, the Moral grabbed my whole attention. Well said, indeed, but who is this kutta after all? Before getting rid of this kutta, we first need to realize who this kutta actually is. Is this from among the common lot, or is it from the opposition, or what about the government? Yes/No? Perhaps not. Indeed not. Its not from within the country, its an alien trying to disguise as one of us, chanting the hollow slogans of friendship, all this only to serve its own purposes.

The credibility might be questionable, but I tend to ask why today’s blast in the Rawalpindi masjid? Why when America has increased its number of troops, to FIGHT terrorism? Fight? One 9/11 rocked the nook and corner of America, what about our country where every other day is worse than 9/11. A dog once bit its owner, the neighbour said, “It is not here to protect you from the intruder, it is only living on your flesh and blood, drive this dog outta your house.” Peace!


Ayesha said...

It's such a time that we don't know who is killing who and why! :-s

That's basically a Hadith too.