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Friday, January 15, 2010

Fish Party 14.01.10

So it was third consecutive victory for our group in D.B.A. Election Khushab in the last two years, and our friend won the Joint Secretary contest with a lead of 60+ votes, the consequence of which was this fish party. Enjoyed every bit of the food. Some pics from the occasion, Imran Hashmi was teased a lot.....as usual :-D
The venue was Dau Khel Petroleum of our host on the Khushab/Sargodha road. And the menu was of course fish and very tasty daal.

Our host...Sikandar Niazi.

Our host's old car... :)

Hashmi being teased..

The fire fighter.. ;)

Hashmi trying to push the truck as proof of his power..

Hashmi's hand from under the door when he was locked up in the wash room.

But then released..

We had a wonderful time there at Dau Khel Petroleum.