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Saturday, February 13, 2010

The battle Begins...Again

WHEREAS for other nations a situation like this would mean catastrophe as the nation goes off the track being driven into uncertainty through a clash of the departments, for us this is now a routine, so its like we are now back on the track, back on the track where we have spent most of our years in complete obscurity.
Some mistakes can be overlooked and forgiven while others simply can't and our 'present' government has made just too many of the latter kind. No matter what the situation be, sanity should always prevail, which you will notice, unfortunately, has rarely marked its presence in the decisions made by the government-violation of Article 177 of the Constitution being the latest in the list. I read an article somewhere "Kaisa ho ga 2010" and it said that future for the government is bleak.


Muhammad Asif said...

In the history who ever ruled this country they took it like a Goldmine and every ruler think to collect as much as they can. So it is ususal this Government is also doing so. As they think time is short they increase corruption to increase their wealth.
In the near future situation will be worsen because remaining time is short.