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Friday, March 19, 2010

The Fist of Fury

FRIDAY the 19th of March 2010 was a dark day in the history of The District Bar Association Khushab when the District and Session Judge turned a deaf ear to the complaint lodged by the Bar Association's General Secretary for having been insulted by a police official on duty. It was an example of how the non-issues become issues. The General Secretary was stopped by the cop on duty when he wanted to go out of the court's premises from a closed gate as he had to attend the funeral of a colleague's mother. It is worth mentioning that the funeral prayer was to be offered in the ground right next to the ground outside the court premises. A gate which is open not only for the judges but also for the cops, and even the staff of dhaba outside was refused to be opened for the bar's general secretary. When complained to the District and Session Judge he rather got away saying, "You may burn the gate but it won't be opened at any rate."

The lawyers have their way of giving expression to their sentiments and thats exactly what followed. The lawyers gathered around the Session Court and demanded that the gate be opened for the lawyers from today and onwards which the Session Judge declined as the deadlock occurred. What entailed is what the pics tell you. The Session Court was locked, the gate opened, the gate lock broken and the chain confiscated followed by a proclamation of boycott of the court work till a positive gesture be shown on behalf of the judiciary.

The locked court:

Cops were present, including the ISI officials without uniforms:

The Broken lock:

The opened gate:


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Locked Judiciary Promises Justice!