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Friday, January 14, 2011


THE 12th of January in the year 2011 is a day in history when I made my maiden appearance in the High Court Lahore as an advocate of the High Court and there is something about it. In the year 2006 when I was still a student of LLB Part II I went to the district courts for the first time, a strike was announced by the lawyers as a show of protest against some murder. Then, in 2007, after completion of my LLB program when I first went to the courts there was a strike yet again, this time to denounce the proclamation of emergency by by General Musharraf and which has followed a series of strikes till date. The 11th of January 2011 was my first day in the High Court Lahore, a strike was announced because of some scuffle of lawyers in Sheikhupura. The evening of 11th January; we had parents of Justice Javed Iqbal killed in dacoity and hence a strike announced for the 12th.

Three years in the profession and three years of continuous strikes, the events follow suit as I make my first appearance in the High Court. It will take at least another eight years before I get the Supreme Court licence, lets see what the future holds inits closed fists.


chutzpah said...

When "strikes" are inevitable; one should relax and enjoy!

Asif said...

Very Interesting situation, It shows that how much Paki people like the holidays(Strike or No work day). If some one dies holiday, Some one dismissed holiday even some one qurel then also enjoy the holiday. If the pakistan Government remained political in the future I am sure that when Talal Malik Join the Supreme Court there must be a strike (Holiday). Pakistan Zindabaad, Strikes Paindabaad.

Ifrah said...

Nice article on Your first day experience in Lahore High Court.
Strikes are now the part of Pakistan, so don't worry(I think they will Accompany you in Supreme Court also)