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Friday, January 14, 2011

Of Optimism and Realism

Somewhere I read, something like, the people who make their way in life are the people who get on with life and look for opportunities and if cannot find them, make them and I believe that when something is pursued with utmost devotion success is bound to come in one way or the other, sooner or later. Being optimist about something is not only good but necessary if you really want to taste the fruit of success, but when you are living in a country like Pakistan you have to be reasonably realist in approach as well, I read a quote about optimism and remember it for a day like this, it says “The real optimist is the person who while falling from the Eiffel tower says, See I am still alive.” Being an optimist blindly without realizing the ground realities may pay no buck. And it does not count what you dream, what counts is whether or not you have the circumstances to translate into reality what you dream about.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Talal.
I do not agree. Because of the following reasons.

At least two person in this email tried to find their own way with very few options on their hand, and down the road few found many others.
The beauty of not having a lot of options is that you never look back.

Secondly this quote does not mention any boundaries.
If you can't find opportunities in one area of profession or a geographical region , you need to move forward and look some where else.