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Monday, February 07, 2011

The Armed Diplomat

IT is the first incident of its kind in this land of the pure where two civilians were brutally shot dead in broad daylight on an open road by a foreign national, allegedly a ‘diplomat’. A nation where scores of people are killed in drone attacks every week and where ‘diplomats’ carry arsenal for reasons best known to them, makes it easy to ascertain whether Pakistan is a terrorist state or a terror-struck state. Long ago, in our country we used to have governments that voiced their protests if anywhere in the world the Muslims were agonized or treaded with discrimination. The story of transformation of our government functionary from those governments with some conscience to the present shameless government of today is replete with episodes of utter shamelessness and discrimination to its own public.

It is a matter if no surprise that America is demanding immediate release of Raymond Allen Davis with the assertion that he enjoys diplomatic immunity. What is rather shockingly surprising is that we are hearing this non-sense from certain corners of our own government functionary. The way our government is muttering its stance on the Raymond Davis issue in such a respectable way instead of treating Raymond as an excuse for extradition of Dr. Aafia, it doesn’t seem likely that justice will be provided to the family of the victims. We have not yet forgotten how our government won freedom of Kashmir, the Kashmir with a suffix of Singh, escorted back to his homeland by a minister of the state. While many secrets will never see the light of the day, would someone clarify why someone should shoot a number of bullets on the back and other vital parts of the victim’s body and make it an excuse for self-defense!


chutzpah said...

It has also been reported that 9 out of 11 bullets either penetrated or pierced the body of the victims. Only a sharp shooter can skill it.

Talha said...

This kind of situation is not new to our Country. It is just the weakness of our present Government that they don't want to take any step against Raymond Davis.
I am pretty sure that he would free from this trial very soon and may be the Government plans some other tactics to send him out of the country. But any deal related to Dr. Aafia won't be happening

chutzpah said...

Davis can't get Scot free as far as Punjab government is concerned. They (PML N) can't withstand the anger of public reaction. Davis can act as an election stunt for them. Even if they release him, they would at the cost of Federal Government's (PPP) name.

chutzpah said...

It is not the government but we,people, who are chiefly weak. United people work wonder--see Egyptians.

Sniper said...

The Egyptian episode may not be what it looks like, already it is beginning to seem like there is American hand behind the Egypt upheaval.
Did you hear of any drone attack since the Raymond Davis arrest? Time for us to think!

Anonymous said...

do you think our leaders have courage to deal such situation?bhikari and charaterless leaders can not do this.we as a nation are very weak.
If we (nation) are united then govt won't be able to do anything wrong.

Anonymous said...

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Daud Khan said...

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