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Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Yamaha Unveils 2015 R1

YAMAHA has unveiled their R1 for the year 2015, they have fired all canons in the latest installment of the world superbike wars with the new R1, a bike that Yamaha is calling "the most MotoGP inspired bike ever." There has been a lot of changes made to the overall look of the bike; new aerodynamics, more aggressive styling and genuinely new look has been given to the lights. The bike produces a massive 200HP and wet weight is just under 200kg, quite an impressive power to weight ration. Some cool features of the bike include:
  • Adjustable and user-programmable power delivery modes
  • Lean angle sensitive traction control
  • 4-stage slide control to manage powerslides
  • 4-stage lift control to dial in your maximum wheelie settings
  • Full-throttle launch control (one of the most terrifying experiences you can have on two wheels)
  • Quickshifter for upshifts only
  • Slipper clutch to keep the rear from losing traction on high-rpm downshifts
  • Linked ABS braking designed to help keep the rear down under hard braking
  • Adjustable front forks
Some pics of the beauty machine: